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P.O. Box 1786
Irmo, South Carolina 29063
an independent internet bookstore
I'm often asked, "How did you become a bookseller?" I can't say that I always dreamed of doing this, but somehow, over time, I arrived here and I love it!  I have been selling books on line for more than two years (on ABE and Amazon) as Overbooked and now my business has expanded to the point of having my own web site and a change of name to I have plans to include informative links and lots of book related info. In other words...stay tuned...more to come!

As most booksellers, I've always loved to read and I enjoy
being surrounded by books, books, and more books. My personal favorites are mysteries---particularly "cozy" mysteries (join our on line Mystery Most Cozy forum). My stock, however, includes all kinds of books---a bit of an eclectic
smorgasboard of books. I also enjoy "classic TV series", mostly 50's and 60's vintage, but some later ones. I will be carrying some video tapes of classics.

I'd sometimes accompany a relative while she'd seek out collectible books or general stock for her bookstore. As she, I
had always dreamed of having my own business. However, one thing I did not dream of was being in a physical bookstore for hours every day. I know many booksellers love this part, but I truly loved getting out and hunting for those treasures to bring to my customers---actually that is my favorite part. 

One day, I began to realize how much I enjoyed the hunt for book treasures, myself. By that time, I realized I was hopelessly hooked.  I was on the road to becoming a bookseller. So...that started me on a journey of searching for and reading anything I could find pertaining to the bookselling business.

Some booksellers, themselves, become bitten by the literary bug and dream of writing their own book one day. Once in a while, I admit, I do entertain the idea that somewhere in my mind lays dormant my very own cozy mystery just waiting to be awakened.  [grin].  Sigh...maybe in my spare time. For now... I'll be content to read them and, of course, sell them!

I live with my "really great guy" husband, Ralph, along with our three mostly sweet, but always spoiled and pampered cats, Mac, Annie and Ernie, who couldn't solve a mystery if their life depended on it! We have a grown son, Brian, whom I lovingly call,
Charm Boy. Hmmm---I think there's a cozy here somewhere.
Jenny Hanahan

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